METER MIX® Systems

Reliable metering, mixing and dispensing equipment since 1989

METER MIX® Systems Ltd was established in 1989 with the aim of producing reliable machines for processing single and two component materials. Materials successfully processed using METER MIX® equipment include epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, polysulphide, polyester and methacrylate based resins as well as greases and oils, which are utilised in a wide diversity of manufacturing operations. Our knowledgeable and professional Sales & Technical team work in close co-operation with the customer and material manufacturer to ensure that the machine specification is tailored to suit both the processing parameters of the material as well as the requirements of the application. As a company, we fully respect the confidential nature of the projects in which we are involved and our impartial and ethical approach provides an assurance that the most suitable solution is provided.

Research and Development

As a manufacturer of metering, mixing and dispensing machines, the company works in close collaboration with all major material manufacturers so as to develop and evolve the product range to meet the latest formulation and application requirements. Extensive test and demonstration facilities ensure that all METER MIX components and machines are able to provide reliability and longevity in the ever more demanding requirements of today’s manufacturing industries.

Product Portfolio

Machines for the processing of multi-component media

The product portfolio of METER MIX® Systems includes a comprehensive range of metering and mixing systems for the processing of multi-component materials such as epoxy, polyurethane, polysulfide, methyl acrylate or silicone. Various pump technologies are used. The piston pump metering systems from METER MIX allow a precise volumetric fixed ratio metering and are suitable for a wide material viscosity range. Gear pump metering machines from METER MIX® are also suitable for varying viscosities. They accommodate a precise programmable ratio metering and a constant flow dispensing. METER MIX® also provides machines with rod displacement metering technology for micro-shot dispensing. Thanks to close cooperation with customers and material manufacturers, all machines are continually in further development at our own technology center.

Single-component products for the processing of lubricants

METER MIX® also offers a comprehensive range of products for the processing of single-component materials such as greases and oils. These include pumps, material pressure regulators as well as metering and dispensing valves in various designs. The products were especially developed for the high-precision and reliable processing of lubricants in the automotive industry. Media of low to high viscosity could be discharged cleanly and reliable. Thanks to different types of valves, METER MIX® could offer the right valve for a number of applications.

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